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              current: 01.06.2023

              What's it all about?

              The Schwarzbierbude is a small, private game server for the game "Assetto Corsa Competizione"
              ( we started in 2014 with Assetto Corsa )

              Who are we?

              Administration & Day-to-Day Business

              • DiRTyDRiVER ( Homepage / Event Planner )
              • dude1209 ( Event Planner / Server )
              • Johny1337 ( Server )
              • Old Snake ( Event Planner )

              In the Background

              • DerDumeklemmer
              • JoeWatchman ( LifeTiming and Race Evaluation Tool )
              • Noplayer
              • Rantanplan_DTM

              Registration on the homepage

              In order to better combat fake accounts and forum spam, every new account is activated by us admins. But only if it meets the following criteria:
              • When registering, select different information for name and username.
              • Your email you use should not use more than 1 dot as a separator before the "@".
              • E-mail providers unknown to us are first checked.
              A release can take up to 48 hours.
              If your account has not been activated after the deadline, please write to dirtydriver [at]

              What do I need to join the SBB servers?

              1. Assetto Corsa Competizione ( ACC - published in 2018 )
                • Main Game on Steam "Assetto Corsa Competizione - The Official GT World Challenge Game"
                • Extended Packs ( paid DLC's ) appear again and again
                • The year 2023 is divided into 3 seasons. In each of these seasons, we run two series on Wednesday and one on Friday. The race days of a series take place every 2 weeks.
                • we offer that you can drive your personal skin mod at the events and that other participants can also see it:
                  • to submit a skin see our info page
                  • download the previously submitted skin mods of other participants here
                • Track and vehicle mods are not supported in ACC !
                • ACC Servers are used as follows:
                  • SBB1: Training and events with GT3
                  • SBB2: Training and events with GT4
                  • SBB3: Training and events with Cup Vehicles
                  • SBB4:
                  • SBB5:
              2. A beer on the go :-)

              Which (special) rules do I have to observe?

              We want varied fair races. Wreckers are not welcome !

              This results in the following rules:

              1. Drive sensibly and wait for the right moment to overtake, the race will not be won in the first corner.
              2. If it happens and you throw someone out, that's not bad either.
                Say nicely "sorry", wait until he is back on the track, let him overtake and try the overtaking process a few corners further.
              3. Blue Flag Rule: If this is displayed for you, please let it lap you. Preferably at the beginning of a straight line and with reduced stroke of the accelerator pedal.
              4. Please drive your race until you wave the chequered flag:
                • It's annoying when 10 players start and only two finish the race.
                • Even if it flies out, all is not lost yet.
                • You don't have to win every race.
                • End is' only when the cart no longer drives :-)

              Sonst noch was?

              1. Wenn Du irgendwelche Anregungen, Kritik oder Wünsche hast, zögere nicht ne kurze Mail zu schicken.
              2. So, nun aber viel Spass und "hope to cu soon",
              3. Uwe (DerDumeklemmer)

              Latest Downloads

              ACC - Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo2 - SBB Templates v2.0
              ACC - Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo - SBB Templates v2.0
              ACC - Lamborghini Huracán ST Evo 2 - SBB Templates v2.0

              updated: 2024-07-22 07:45:20