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              Send Your Liveries Print E-mail
              current: 13.05.2022

              Hello friends and teams of the Schwarzbierbude

              Here you will get all the information on how to send in self-created paintwork for your ACC team.
              However, this only means modifications ( mods ). The paintwork you create in the game is automatically distributed on the server when you join.
              Instructions on how to get from an in-game livery to a skin mod can be found here: Instructions: Painting

              1. General
              2. Eligibility criteria for skins
              3. How do I submit my SkinMod ?
              4. What happens after my submission !
              5. Release / Updates
              1. General

                • the installation of the skin packages is always optional for all those who have not submitted a skin
                  • for all those who have a skin with us, however, it is mandatory
                  • Streamers and video creators should please do the same
                • the distribution is currently not carried out via the SBB AutoUpdater. You can download the packages here: Download
                  • CorelDraw Essentials 2021 ( Versions from 1.3 / all up to 1.2 still with CorelDraw X8 ) - Hints
                  • Gimp 2.10.28 - Hints
                  • Photoshop CS2 - Hints
                  • Paint.NET 4.3.3
                • all 4 templates have been created in a resolution of 8192x8192 - Download Logos in 8K
              2. Eligibility criteria for skins

                • for vehicles for which we offer an "SBB template" for download, you can also send in a skin
                • your skin must include an in-game alternative. Design the alternative as you want to be seen by the fellow drivers who do not have the skin pack installed.
                • the files decals.png and sponsors.png must have a maximum resolution of 4096x4096 Pixel ( 4K ) pixels
                • an original SBB lettering must be clearly visible on the vehicle. Download SBB Logos
                • there are no presets for the decals.json and sponsors.json files
              3. How do I submit my SkinMod ?

                • please send your work to tuev (at) schwarzbierbude, with the following information
                • Name of the team and the drivers in the game
                • as an attachment a .zip file ( also .7z and .rar possible ), max 21.0 MB
                  • decals.png & decals.json
                  • yourteam.json-Datei from the Cars-Folder
                  • optional: sponsors.png & sponsors.json ( if you have created one )
                  • optional: "Read me.txt" with information about your team ( will be published with )
              4. What happens after my submission !

                • The file in the "Cars" folder and the skin folder in the "Liveries" folder get the same names with the SBB prefix in front + class + vehicle + your team name ( ... ). The folder name is also entered in the .json file.
                • During the quality control by us, the dds files are automatically generated by the game, these are supplied with the download of the skin package.
              5. Release / Updates

                • all submitted skins will be put together into download packages for the respective class - GT3, GT4, GTC, TCX
                • You can download the packages here. On the respective pages you will find more information, e.B. about installation, 4K instead of 2K, uninstallation, etc.
                • Updates of the Pakate always take place on Tuesday around 7 pm for the following 2 events ( Wed +Sat ). Therefore, please send your new paintwork or update by 4 pm at the latest.
                • Drivers who have submitted skins must also download the packages and insert them into ACC.
                • If your project has the same team name ( "teamName": ) and the same start number ( "raceNumber": ) in the json file ( .. / Custom / Cars ) as the published skin, you have two identical paintwork with the same start number after inserting. To distinguish them, change the start number in the project -.json.
                • Please make sure that you and possibly your team members have selected the skin from our skin package before entering our servers!!!


              All vehicles and their prefixes at naming

              GT3 GT4 GTC TCX
              SBBGT3_488e_... SBBGT4_570S_... SBBGTC_488CE_... SBBTCX_BMW2_...
              SBBGT3_720S_... SBBGT4_A110_... SBBGTC_992C_...
              SBBGT3_9912_... SBBGT4_AMG_... SBBGTC_LSTe2_...
              SBBGT3_AMGe_... SBBGT4_AMR_...
              SBBGT3_AMR_... SBBGT4_AR8_...
              SBBGT3_AR8e2_... SBBGT4_BMW4_...
              SBBGT3_BC18_... SBBGT4_CC4R_...
              SBBGT3_BMW4_... SBBGT4_G55_...
              SBBGT3_LHe_... SBBGT4_KTM_...
              SBBGT3_LRCF_... SBBGT4_MMC_...
              SBBGT3_NSXe_... SBBGT4_P718_...