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              Tutorial: Create Your Own Liveries Print E-mail
              current: 04.02.2022


              Here I would like to show you how to paint for the simulation "Assetto Corsa Competizione" ( PC / Steam ). This starts with the simplest way - a) to create a livery in the game itself, then it continues with - b) how you can replace the original sponsors with our logos without graphics program knowledge and finally with - c) how you can create a basis for your own skin mod.

              Brief note:

              1. Create a livery in the game's own editor
              2. Replace original sponsors with SBB logos without a graphics program
              3. How to make your "InGame + SBB Logos" livery ( a & b ) the basis of your own skin mod !
              4. After steps a and b it is not necessary to send these paintwork to us!


              1. Create a livery in the game's own editor

                All you need is the game itself.

                • start ACC and select multiplayer from the main menu
                • wähle jetzt eine der Fahrzeugklassen aus und klicke das angezeigte Fahrzeug an
                • now select one of the vehicle classes and click on the displayed vehicle
                • now choose the vehicle you want to design
                • select "ADD" and get to the editor and can now make the following settings:
                  • Race Number
                  • Team Name
                  • Nationality
                  • Banner & Sponsors
                  • Livery-Template
                  • Body and Tire colored pick
                • now "SAVE" and then "CONFIRM"

                When entering a multiplayer server, your skin and that of the other drivers will be synchronized.
                When your paint is selected, you can click on "EDIT" to make changes to it.

              2. Replace original sponsors with SBB logos without a graphics program

                For this section you need the Windows Explorer, the built-in "notepad" in Windows and our downloads which contain our logos.

                • download our ACC team packages
                • right-click on one of the downloaded files ( under Downloads )
                • select the item "Extract all.." and navigate to: Documents \ Assetto Corsa Competizione \ Customs"
                • click on the button "Extract" and the files will be unpacked there
                • it may happen that you are asked to overwrite existing files. You have to allow it!
                • repeat steps 1 through 6 for the other two files
                • open Windows Explorer and go to: Documents \ Assetto Corsa Competizione \ Customs
                • open here the folder "Liveries" there should now be many folders that start with "SBBsponsor"
                • go back to the "Customs" folder and open "Cars" folder
                • find here the file that was created when creating your paintwork ( a ) / z.B. 42-220113-201015.json ( RaceNumber YYMMDD time )
                • if you want you can rename this file, because the name of the file has no further relevance
                • open this file with the Windows built-in Notepad tool
                • in the line "customSkinName": "", enter the folder name of the corresponding vehicle ( e.B. "customSkinName": "SBBsponsorGTC_991C", )
                • speichere sie - fertig!

                Now start the game and choose your livery, now the original sponsors should have been replaced by the SBB logos. Almost everything can still be visibly changed with the in-game editor ( a ), only the sponsor on the rear wing not.
                When you enter a multiplayer server, your in-game livery will continue to sync with the original sponsors. For everyone who has made steps 1 to 8, SBB sees you as a sponsor.

              3. How to make your "InGame + SBB Logos" livery ( a & b ) the basis of your own skin mod !

                For this you need the Windows Explorer, a PNG file and the Windows app "Photos"

                • open Windows Explorer and go to: Documents \ Assetto Corsa Competizione \ Customs \ Liveries
                • search the "SBBSponsor..." folder of the vehicle and create a copy of it ( CTRL+C -> CTRL+V ) and rename it
                • choose a file in PNG format, ( examble Wallpaper in 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160 ) and copy them to the new folder and change the name to "decals"
                • now open the file "decals.png" with the Windows app "Photos", select the "Edit image" icon at the top ( CTRL+E ), then click "Free" at the bottom and then "Square" -> save
                • go to your driver file under "Cars" enter the name of the folder
                • go to the team selection in the game and select your team and there should now be this file displayed over the whole vehicle
                • if it is not displayed the edge length may not be correct, the name was misspelled or it is not a PNG file

                Everything under point c) only forms the basis for your own skin mod. To design a skin now, you would have to use a graphics program. We offer templates for four different programs for many vehicles in ACC: CorelDraw Essential 2021, GIMP, Photoshop CS2 and PaintNET. The packages for each vehicle can be found here: ACC Car Templates